We are moving Long Beach Forward



Race and income do not determine one’s future in Long Beach--it’s a community where everyone is safe, connected, and healthy.




To create a healthy Long Beach with low-income communities of color by building community knowledge, leadership, and power.




We work with groups often not invited to the table to ensure their voices are heard, they can lead change, and our democracy is strengthened. Opportunity and participation in political processes should not be constrained by income and race.



We are stronger together and building relationships among diverse residents, organizations, and decision makers is key to achieving our vision of a healthier Long Beach.



We create a space for people to come together and be part of a community of like-minded people facing similar challenges and working toward a common goal.



We transform how business is done and decisions are made by addressing root causes and supporting those most affected to lead the charge. We seek long-lasting change today.



We support low-income communities of color to bring about change and we are committed and accountable to help push this change forward. We walk the walk and are constantly evolving to better meet the needs of our communities.


1. We stay grounded in our purpose and values. 
We are guided by our vision, mission, and values of fairness, collaboration, connection, change, and  integrity so that we can be and do the best for the community. We are actively aware of and reject white  supremacist culture within our organization. As anti-racist organizers committed to building long-term  power, we are passionate about seeking justice, patient with the process of change, and supportive of  each other and our community. We cultivate brave spaces to speak up and honor our individual  commitments to learning, growing, and struggling towards a bigger vision for a better world. 


2. People are at the center of our organizational culture. 
Everyone has a role in building a people-centered organization that prioritizes the humanity and holistic  needs of the people involved. Acknowledging that a workplace cannot address all health and wellness  care for people doing this emotionally heavy work, we are committed to making internal decisions with  the impact to people in mind. We implement ways to make our movement building sustainable for the  physical, mental, and spiritual health of our team members. Recognizing that we all carry wounds and  continually work towards self-transformation, we encourage and support each other to take care of the  mental and physical needs of ourselves and the community. 

3. We embrace our authentic selves and the authenticity of others. 
We embody and foster empathy, trust, compassion, humility, respect, and transparency for one’s self  and for each other regardless of our identities or backgrounds. We do this by sharing feelings, openness,  vulnerability, and deep listening with one another. We are intentional with every action and relationship  we build to meet people where they are at. This means extending patience and kindness to ourselves and  others as we learn, grow, and reflect on who we are. 

4. Expertise and lived experiences are valued contributions. 
Balancing and incorporating our expertise and lived experiences into our work is how we can best serve  our diverse community. We do this by honoring our elders and valuing an individual’s life experiences as  wisdom and insight, including seeing formal education as part of one’s lived experience rather than  superseding it. We are cognizant of the spectrum of privileges and oppressions when it comes to lifting  up the work and voices of our collaborators. 

5. Growth is prioritized through leadership and skill development.

We are a learning organization  that is intentional about creating space and implementing practices where people can grow, challenge  themselves, and reflect. We are receptive and open to hearing and incorporating feedback as part of our  learning journey. We do this by committing to ongoing learning as a whole organization, as teams, and  as individuals. We are dedicated to lifelong learning as we are never done growing as individuals.

6. The process is as important as the outcome. 
We spend intentional time building the process for collaborative work. Working collaboratively is a  crucial part of our work. These journeys are iterative, as the outcomes and lessons of one campaign set  the ground for the next process. We build our organizational strategies, campaigns, and projects  through authentic engagement with community members through ongoing relationships and deliberate  creation of space and process for listening and co-creation. 

7. We normalize mistakes, struggle, and conflict. 
We do not let ourselves get caught up in perfectionism, urgency, and the guilt and shame of making  mistakes: we hear it, we face it, and we work through it. We assume good intent from one another. We  are willing to struggle together and be direct with one another in addressing conflict, acknowledging our  mistakes, and sharing our lessons learned. We acknowledge the normal emotional reactions to mistakes  and conflict and strive to work towards shared understanding and resolution. 

8. Relationships are the foundation of our movement building. 
We are intentional about building relationships with one another as team members and with our  community members and partners. Relationships are the bedrock that help us work through mistakes,  conflicts, and the difficult moments of our struggle towards a better world. With our web of  
relationships, we actively practice communication, collaboration, creativity, and accountability. 

9. Accountability is held within ourselves, between one another, and among the community.

We recognize that through our work, we will hurt, misunderstand, and harm each other as we are  human and live in an incredibly violent and harmful world. Proactively taking accountability for our  actions is how we build trust among each other. It is a way to care for those in the community and  ourselves, and shows that we have done our own internal work of deep, genuine reflection to take  responsibility for our actions. We recognize accountability in four stages of self-reflection, apologizing,  repair, and behavior change. We strive to reduce harm whenever we can and regularly practice  accountability to meet that goal. 

10. We lift each other up to build together. 
Supporting each other as part of a team means celebrating each other, sharing gratitude, and reflecting  with one another. Questioning and giving feedback is a genuine process where we assume the best  intent and commitment to building together. We are intentional about organizing space to honor,  celebrate, and appreciate one another’s contributions.


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