Wags, Whiskers and What Change We Want to See

Our community Pet Zoom today highlighted how we are "Growing Together" in Long Beach - with our special furry friends (and a guy in a shell) as guests in support of our Long Beach Gives fundraiser today. Support our work and mission at www.lbforward.org/lbgives or give $5 at www.lbforward.org/giveme5

Thank you Shu-Shu, Lilo, Indy, Mensah, Paquita, Tenoch, Sadie Sue, Rafa, and Juanito (for Mayor!)

Thank you to our human friends too! Sayon, Diana, Rudy, Khalil, Maria Teresa, Carla, and Mel! Thanks Abi for interpreting!

Please consider donating to UCC where Sayon works (and Shu-Shu the VIP cat loves it there) https://www.longbeachgives.org/united-cambodian-community

Learn about how to adopt a Pet via the City of Long Beach Pet Adoption page at https://www.longbeach.gov/acs/pets/adoptions/

See animal serving nonprofits raising funds during LB Gives - https://longbeachgives.org/nonprofits?keyword=&category=982&search_button=&_rs=1525261933

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