Meet Radical Women at LBIRC in Episode 2 of the RAD AF Podcast

Listen in to Long Beach Forward's second episode of the RAD AF podcast. RAD AF amplifies the stories of Long Beach area radical change-makers. This year, we talk to radical women…the community organizers, grassroots movement builders, and leaders who give a “F” about mobilizing people-power to make positive change in the community. We know that one person can make a difference, and that when we collaborate and build people power, we can’t be stopped.

Radicals represent reforms and change for the people, by the people. They hold strong convictions close, and advocate for fundamental transformation with direct action–often putting their minds, bodies, and spirits on the line for true justice. The RAD AF podcast honors this spirit.

In Episode 2, meet Gaby Hernandez and Jamilet Ochoa with the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC). They share their experiences on their journeys to discovering the power they possess, as well as the power they help to build with women in their community around immigrant rights and other social justice issues. Learn more about LBIRC at and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok at @LBIRC562.

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RAD AF is a podcast by Long Beach Forward. This episode also features Long Beach Forward's Melissa Morgan and Diana Martinez. Support our work at

Episode produced by: D-Rang3D


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