Long Beach is Givin'!

Thank you to all the 200+ donors who have already given toward our "Growing Together" fundraising campaign for the citywide Long Beach Gives day of online giving. As of 9:50pm on Thursday evening, September 22nd, we've raised over $13K and are close to our goal this year, thanks to 224 donations. Below is more about today, and a list of a few partner organizations you can still support before 10am tomorrow, September 23, 2022.

Our teammates came up with big goals and have been working hard to meet them. This year we even had two of our new board members fundraise!

It's been a fun-filled day

We filled our day (and week) with a number of fun virtual/hybrid experiences. Check them out below.

Growing Together Online Chat

Live Pet Zoom

Platicas con Salsa (Espanol - In Spanish)

Live Gaming and Trivia

Lots of Love in the LBC

So far, over 7,813 donations have been made today across the city, generating over $1.7M in support for local nonprofits. Wow!

Support One of Our Friends

Below are some of our new and old community friends we know are raising funds today for #LongBeachGives. We may have missed some for sure, with over 200 nonprofits participating in this special day. Find more at https://www.longbeachgives.org. And some more good news: donations will be accepted until 10am tomorrow, Friday, September 23, 2022.

LBIRC https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4691

UCC https://longbeachgives.org/united-cambodian-community

LiBRE https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4687

Love Beyond Limits https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4731

CCEJ https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4711

New Generations https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=10628

Books and Buckets https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=10627

Project Optimism https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=10606

Success in Challenges https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4718

African American Cultural Center https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=9003

Birthworkers of Color Collective https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=10620

Project WomanGood https://longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=1061

Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) https://www.longbeachgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=4729

Find more at https://www.longbeachgives.org.

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