Race and income do not determine one's future in Long Beach--it's a community where everyone is safe, connected, and healthy.


To create a healthy Long Beach with low-income communities of color by building community knowledge, leadership, and power.

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Budget Advocacy

The People's Budget Proposal

Allied community leaders and organizations have come together once again to release the next “People’s Budget Proposal” in anticipation of the Mayor and City Manager’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget proposals being released in early August 2019. The “People’s Budget Proposal” is authored by several community leaders and organizations involved in the Budget Advocacy Workgroup. Follow the discussion on social media with #PeoplesBudgetLB.

Why the People's Budget?

The people who live in Long Beach have always valued diversity and belonging. Whether black, latino, white, Cambodian, or Filipino, we have been able to join together across racial differences to achieve the things we want: earning a good living, creating safe and healthy communities, and protecting our children’s health.

Today, as always, Long Beach residents are working to make their lives better for themselves and their families. Despite wealthy special interests in this city who rig the rules and use their wealth to get rich off the profit we produce, it’s been proven that our community’s strength is grounded in our ability to form alliances.

For too long, certain neighborhoods in Long Beach have faced barriers to prosperity and wellbeing. The city’s annual budget is the best opportunity for our elected officials to implement solutions that will prevent our communities from being left behind in the future.

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This is why the people have joined together to create and endorse the People’s Budget Proposal. Each year, the City of Long Beach adopts a budget that directs resources to the priorities that the Mayor and City Council vote on. A budget is not merely a spreadsheet, but a moral document that reflects our community’s values and our government’s commitment to the people.


The People’s Budget Proposal ensures that working people struggling to make ends meet can support their families. We call on Mayor Garcia and the City Council to stand with the people of Long Beach and endorse the People’s Budget Proposal for inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2020 city budget.

Take Action for the People's Budget!

  • Contact decision-makers and spread the word about the People's Budget using our digital toolkit in English and Spanish.