Organizing Tools

Tools and resources to strengthen power building

A core piece of Long Beach Forward is providing resources and tools for collaborative organizing that are otherwise limited or inaccessible to our community. Our movement building library serves to connect people to the tools they need to make Long Beach a community where everyone is safe, connected, and healthy. Need help finding a resource or have a resource to share with Long Beach Forward? Email our communications team to get connected.

Communications Strategy

  • Berkeley Media Studies Group: BMSG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding advocates’ ability to improve the systems and structures that determine health. Through media advocacy training and online resources, BMSG help advocates harness lessons from that research and develop the skills they need to shape journalists’ coverage of health issues.

  • Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS): A national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. CSS offers social justice networks, alliances and organizations the analysis, training and strategic support to change the story on the issues that matter most. 

  • Opportunity Agenda: A social justice communications lab that offers tools and resources for storytelling, messaging, campaign development, and talking points related to specific social justice issues. 

  • Piktochart: An online tool to create infographics and data visualizations with hundreds of prebuilt templates and images. Hub partners can contact Long Beach Forward if you are interested in accessing Piktochart. 

  • Race-Class Narrative Project: The goal of Demos’ Race-Class Narrative (RCN) project is to develop an empirically-tested narrative on race and class that resonates with all working people and offers an alternative to—and neutralizes the use of—dog-whistle racism. These narrative tools help people envision a multiracial country in which everyone has economic opportunity.

  • Share Link Generator: Create Facebook share links, Twitter "tweet this" links, Google Plus share links, LinkedIn share links, Pinterest "pin this" links and email "mailto" links that will work anywhere — even inside emails.

  • Messaging This Moment: A handbook for progressive communicators developed by Anat Shenker-Osorio and the Center for Community Change.

Evaluation and Assessment

Leadership Development

  • Proper Gender Pronouns: A handy one-pager developed the Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network that explains different gender pronouns.

Racial Justice Organizing

  • Southeast Asian American Solidarity Toolkit: A guide to resisting deportations and detentions from the #ReleaseMN8 campaign co-developed by the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC).

  • M4BL Messaging Guide: Comprehensive messaging guide for to Defunding the Police during the COVID pandemic and racial uprising.

  • We Keep Us Safe: Know Your Rights for Immigrant Protestors from Immigrant Justice Network

  • Mutual Aid Fundraising: Transformative Fundraising Mutual Aid Toolkit from Survived and Punishment NY

Strategic Planning

  • Purpose-Outcome-Process GuidelinesA guide to using the P.O.P. tool to help ensure you are focused and aligned in any planning or decision-making process.

  • Keys to Successful POPs: Tips for making the most out of the P.O.P. tool.

  • Campaign Strategy Charts: Templates adapted by Long Beach Rising! for planning goals, organizational considerations, constituents/allies/opponents, targets, and tactics for campaigns. 

  • Power Analysis Grid: Template for mapping power according to your agenda and the opposition's agenda (adapted by Long Beach Rising)

  • Choosing an Issue Checklist: Handy checklist of criteria for choosing an issue to organize on (adapted by Long Beach Rising)

  • Open Space Technology Protocol: Guide for facilitating a practice known as Open Space Technology for large gatherings and group organization and creation of discussion topics. 

  • Ruckus Action Strategy Guide: This guide from the Ruckus society will help you plan strategic and impactful direct actions to move your issue forward and force political change.

  • Protest Surveillance and Safety: Guide on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from surveillance before, during, and after protests by STOP (Surveillance Technology Oversight Project)