What We Do

Movement Strategy and Strategic Communications

As the glue that brings people, community organizations, and decision-makers together, we support movements to win equitable policies and build power with low-income communities of color.

We provide strategic insight and take strategic action in order to strengthen movements for racial and economic justice in Long Beach. We ensure that community and governmental planning and decision-making processes meaningfully include low-income communities of color.

  • We focus our support and outreach to groups whose work centers low-income communities of color.

  • We develop relationships with systems leaders in order to identify potential partnerships.

  • We follow the community and governmental landscape and alert stakeholders to potential opportunities for advocacy and engagement.


We provide support for people to be more effective communicators for social change. We work with community stakeholders to develop and carry out communication strategies that elevate their issues, change the narrative, and move people into action.

  • We lead our communications support in tandem with advocates and organizers so they can be effective communicators. We work with them to identify the support they need and provide the appropriate training, such as how to create messages, pitch stories to media, and utilize social media.

  • We combine storytelling and local data to create compelling narratives that shift people’s hearts and minds.

  • We cultivate relationships with local media and utilize local expertise to increase news coverage of issues often left out of the Long Beach narrative.


We strengthen advocacy efforts by facilitating technical trainings and knowledge sharing. We train individuals on how to make a more strategic and impactful case when engaging decision makers and influencers on issues they care most about.

  • We bring together data and policy experts with community-based organizers so they have the technical knowledge to win social change. Examples include how to use online databases for land-use campaigns or how to turn an Environmental Impact Report into a reader-friendly infographic.  

  • We connect community organizers with other leaders looking to strengthen their organizing skills and share their insights on topics like communications and power analysis.

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