What We Do

Leadership Development

Developing community knowledge, leadership, and power is a key priority to ensuring race and income no longer determine one’s future in Long Beach.


Long Beach Forward provides support for people to be more effective leaders and organizers. We understand that creating change isn’t easy or something that’s meant to be done alone. We provide multiple entry points for people to contribute to movements for racial and economic justice in Long Beach and strive to meet people where they’re at.

  • We coordinate and facilitate neighborhood and citywide trainings which include issue-area and political education and developing participants’ advocacy and organizing skills.

  • We provide one-on-one coaching support to emerging leaders and established organizers alike.

  • We facilitate peer-to-peer support amongst community organizers.

  • We are creating pathways for people to influence decision making as well as to become decision makers.

Leadership Programs

Through the free opportunities below, we aim to increase community leadership and meaningful involvement of youth and adult residents and stakeholders in influencing decision-making processes. Learn more about the leadership programs supported by Long Beach Forward.


Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute

Through this institute, Long Beach social-justice leaders learn about the role of local boards and commissions and how they can effectively advocate to and serve on these bodies. Participants will engage in opportunities for learning, networking, placement preparation, and technical support and mentoring. Those facilitating sessions and sharing knowledge and experiences include commissioners from the City of Long Beach and other California cities. For more information, contact Joanna at joanna@lbforward.org.


Long Beach Rising! Leadership Training

Long Beach Rising! Leadership Training is a collaborative project of Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach, Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community, and various community partners to offer a comprehensive civic-engagement program for communities historically marginalized from political processes, including low-income communities. The program includes training on community organizing, alliance building, civic-engagement strategies, understanding power and political analysis, and building strategies to win justice in our communities. For more information, contact Joanna at joanna@lbforward.org.


Parent Committee

This parent-led committee is supported by diverse community organizations working to lift up parent voice for the success of all students. Together we build community, work on issues to improve our schools, and develop parent leadership. For more information, contact Nubia at nubia@lbforward.org.


People’s Planning School

People’s Planning School is a free program designed for residents to learn critical city-planning tools and skills to improve the physical environment of their neighborhood and organize their neighbors for change. Each interactive class is centered on topics including active transportation, environmental health, violence prevention, healthy and affordable housing, food access, and more. For more information, contact Angelica at angelica@cityfabrick.org.