Civic Engagement

Long Beach Rising!

Long Beach Rising! is a civic engagement coalition of local organizations promoting civic participation, alliance building, voter engagement, and community organizing amongst communities historically marginalized from the political process. Each year, Long Beach Rising! organizes several leadership and power building opportunities, including the People's State of the City, voter education, and leadership development.


People's State of the City


2022 People's State of the City

2022 El Estado del Pueblo 2021

Monday, June 21

21 de Junio, Lunes

6:30PM on Zoom (English & Spanish/Español):


or watch live online:


For 10 years, the community has presented the People’s State of the City, a powerful reminder of how we have embraced and built power in our city of Long Beach. We must remember that we as community members hold power. People Power. The 2022 People's State of the City celebrates the big wins and ways every-day people have been empowered to make positive change in our community.

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2021 People's State of the City

2021 El Estado del Pueblo 2021

Monday, June 21

21 de Junio, Lunes

6:00PM on Zoom (English & Spanish/Espanol): 

Our 2021 People’s State of the City Long Beach addresses racism, ageism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and oppression that have impacted us, as well as how we’ve steadily fought against these issues, and will continue to do so, so that future generations have an improved quality of life and sense of wellbeing in our city.














2020 People's State of the City 


On February 12, 2020, hundreds of people gathered at First Congregational Church for the ninth annual People's State of the City. As Audrena shared that evening: "the people's state of the city is not the solution--you are the solution." Rewatch the event on YouTube or read the script by clicking here.

People's State of the City Archive

Media coverage from the People's State of the City


Voter Education


Our vote is our power.


No matter where we come from or what our color, most of us work hard for our families: Black, white, brown, or Cambodian; native or immigrant; young person or senior. We all believe in a Long Beach where everyone can succeed. 

But still today, certain politicians and the greedy lobbyists that support them hurt everyone by handing kickbacks to corporations, defunding our schools, undermining community services, and displacing our neighbors. A powerful few try to divide us by race and by place so we won’t join together to demand what all of our families need. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

We are long overdue to rewrite the rules and make our voices heard. Our vote is our power. From affordable housing to justice reform, and worker protections to equal opportunity for all: we make the future by joining together as voters. 

From the Northside to the Westside and the Eastside, working people are joining together across racial differences to ensure our schools and communities get the resources they need, ensure we can stay in our homes, and build the future Long Beach we know is possible.


The future is ours to build by voting together!


See how Long Beach Rising! works to build power in election cycles.


Leadership Development

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Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI) 

Citywide boards and commissions in Long Beach are increasingly playing a more important role in our city's decision-making and democracy. The LBR Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute is designed to train equity-minded residents how they can be advocate commissioners and get seated on one of the city's many boards and commissions.

The training is aimed at increasing the representation of diverse community stakeholders on Long Beach's boards and commissions. Over three day-long sessions, students learn about the city structure and the role of boards and commissions, what considerations they should make when getting appointed and eventually serving on a board, and how they can engage boards and commissions in their advocacy.

Applications for the next cohort will be announced on our web site. For questions, contact Joanna at

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LBR! Leadership Training 

Together with Long Beach residents, workers, teachers, and students, we are working to transform Long Beach into a more progressive city that will enact policies to support workers and their families.

The Long Beach Rising! Leadership Program is a multi-day training where participants learn more about the opportunities for positive social change in Long Beach and how to organize their community. All community members are encouraged to participate regardless of experience and background!

Upcoming cohort trainings are announced via this web page and on our social media @movelbforward. For questions, contact Joanna at

2022 Leadership Training

Sign up for the 2022 Free Long Beach Rising! Leadership Training, a Saturday series that explores how organizing works, ways to build people-power, and how to make a difference in Long Beach.

2022 Training dates:

August 27, September 10, and September 17, 2022 from 9am - 3pm each day.

Together we can find common ground and build collective power to work towards a shared vision of a more livable Long Beach for everyone.

Sign up by August 17th (deadline extended)

2021 Parent/Guardian Leadership Training

Find presentation materials from the 2021 Long Beach Rising! Parent / Guardian Leadership Training here:

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