Meet the Long Beach Forward team

Joanna Diaz

Joanna Diaz (She/Her/ Ella) has worked on grassroots campaigns in Long Beach for over 12 years. She began her involvement through Cal State Long Beach and the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition as a volunteer and intern. Joanna was part of the inaugural cohort of Centro Shalom’s Advanced Organizing Institute in 2012 where she then continued her journey as a grassroots organizer focused on immigration, policing, towing/impounding, as well as parent and education organizing.


In her years as a grassroots organizer with the Greater Long Beach Interfaith Community Organization, Joanna successfully led campaigns with numerous community partners and parents. Working together they secured a school bus for the students of Roosevelt Elementary School and removed a rogue Sheriff’s Deputy who was racially discriminating against the Latinx and immigrant communities by towing and impounding their vehicles.


Joanna graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. Her values are rooted in transformative grassroots efforts that help guide our communities to embrace their power as local experts in their lived experiences within our neighborhoods and social institutions. She is a proud Mexican-Puerto Rican feminist who advocates against gender violence and femicide. She also works towards hurricane recovery, rebuilding efforts, and self-determination in Puerto Rico with communities on the island and in the diaspora.