The People's Budget Proposal

Youth Opportunities

Every young person deserves the support needed to reach their full potential – and it’s our collective responsibility to make sure they get it. Supports like wellness centers, career development resources, after-school programs, community organizations, and local community spaces like parks and libraries are all essential to helping young people grow and thrive.


In fact, 7 out of 10 Long Beach residents who were recently surveyed by the Invest in Youth campaign support an increase of public funds for youth programs, and 80% believe that the best way to make our communities safer is to invest in community-based youth development programs.

The survey results revealed a disconnect between what residents valued as priorities and how our city plans to spend down public dollars. Only 5% of the city’s 2018 adopted budget was allocated to youth programs and services. A closer look at how our city spends down public dollars shows that only $204 is spent on positive development programs per youth but an overwhelming $10,500 is spent on suppression for each youth arrest.


Our elected officials should respond to the values of our community and make youth development a top priority in our city budget. Prioritizing permanent funding for youth support and services will help ensure a better future for everyone.

The People's Budget Solution

Through our Invest in Youth campaign, we call on the Long Beach City Council to 1) establish a Long Beach Children & Youth Fund supported by revenues from the general fund and the marijuana sales taxes and 2) protect funding for youth development and positive support programs and resources from any potential budget cuts.

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